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How do you spend your time during quarantine?

In sample 2, the two short films discuss how people have the power to choose their identities and decide the lifestyles they live during this special time.

Sample 2: Text


A short film regarding different lifestyles

In this short film, the man’s day is well planned and fulfilled, while the girl seems to have nothing to do all day and live an unhealthy lifestyle. I purposely selected the gender for the characters to convey in real life anyone can be one of the characters, regardless of any stereotype of gender, age, work, etc. When staying at home, one does not necessarily have to interact with others, and all the invisible restrictions and social rules are suddenly gone. It is important for people to learn to get along with themselves; they can fully utilize their time at home instead of simply wasting the time away.

Sample 2: Video


A short comedic film about the loneliness of quarantine and how people optimize their identities on social media.

This video addresses how people’s online version of themselves can differ from their life in reality through a comedic lens. A young man is stuck at home in quarantine and decides to create a carefully curated online presence with fake name and fake photos to find a young woman to talk to and flirt with. Little did he know, the girl he chats with also prepares such an online presence to attract others.

 The young man easily downloads a stranger’s pictures on internet to pretend to be a handsome man with six packs. The young woman, while she has a totally different appearance in reality, posts pictures that are touched up, and also easily steals others’ picture to pretend to have a completely different lifestyle. The man and woman both do so to appear more in line with the word “attractive” as shown in widespread media. The soundtrack is mainly chosen for comedic effect to showcase the enthusiasm the man might have for talking with a beautiful woman, but also creates a stark contrast with the woman’s soundtrack which showcases how in truth it is all just a temporary alleviation for their boredom and loneliness.

Sample 2: Video

Acrylic Painting Works

These two acrylic paintings reflected my concept of the short film work "WHO YOU ARE?"

Sample 2: Text
Sample 2: Pro Gallery
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